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Soviet government proclaimed drunkenness a bourgeois vestige and actively fought to eradicate it.

The struggle lasted until the collapse of the USSR, leaving behind many propaganda artifacts.

"Who teaches kids to start drinking: Father drinks and gives alcohol to the son. Mother offers alcohol to the kids. Children get access to alcohol by themselves", Moscow,1930s

"Either or. Baby or Vodka", 1982

"NO!", 1954

"Some people look like pigs!", 1954

"Where's the money? And what is left for the family? ", 1926

"To someone like him, we say: "Enough! There is no place for you in the factory!", 1986

"Underpass to the netherworld", 1988

"Alcohol, don't try to disguise with work clothes. People's control will not let you into the factory!", 1981

"Women, alcohol is the enemy of your future children!", 1986

"Infamous union: loafer and vodka!", 1981

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The official technique of Soviet art was Socialist realism. Some artists chose to take a different route.

"Krugozor" (The Outlook) magazine cover, 1974

"Fantasia" cafe, Batumi, Georgian SSR, 1984

"IL86 is a new comfortable airbus" Aeroflot poster, 1980s

Still from "In the Blue Sea, In the White Foam" Soviet animation film, 1984

"New Planet" painting by Konstantin Yuon, 1921

"Tekhnika Molodezhi" (Technology for Youth) Soviet magazine, 1975

"Don't waste your life for alcohol" health poster, 1977

"In the Footsteps of the Bremen Town Musicians" vinyl album cover, 1973

"Solaris" film poster, 1972

"Soviet Cosmonauts on Mars" Palekh lacquer box, 1975

  • Soviet Visuals

Updated: Apr 9

The Soviet motor vehicle industry started with the establishment of large car manufacturing plants during the first five-year plan in 1928-1932. By the mid-50s, 54.2 thousand passenger cars and 313.6 thousand trucks were registered in the USSR. Most of the vehicles were state-owned. Before its dissolution, the USSR produced 2.1-2.3 million automobiles per year, and was world’s sixth largest automotive producer.

GAZ 24 Volga, 1980s

VNIIT-PT concept taxi van, 1964

"Kharkovchanka" all-terrain vehicle, meant to conquer the Arctic and the Antarctic in the 1950s

GAZ-M20 Pobeda Sport car prototype, 1951

"Buran" snowmobile, 1970s

Camel shaped propaganda vehicle, Soviet Central Asia, 1930s

PAZ-672 passenger bus, 1969

Moskvich 412 advertising poster, 1970s

BelAZ-540 heavy-duty dump truck prototype designed by Valentin Kobylinsky,1965

ZIL-49061 "Blue Bird" amphibious rescue vehicle, used for the recovery of Soyuz space crews, 1975