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Soviet Porcelain: A Selection

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Fine porcelain has traditionally been considered an aristocratic material, and was also painted in accordance with the tastes of the rich. However, after the 1917 revolution in Russia, it turned into a material for promotion of revolutionary ideas. A new term агитфарфор (Russian: propaganda porcelain) was promptly coined.

Cubistic Hammer and Sickle plate by Sergei Chekhonin, 1919

Suprematic teapot and two cups by Kazimir Malevich, 1923

Vladimir Lenin plate, 1920s

Squares and Black Circle by Nicolai Suetin, 1923

Cosmonauts and rocket figurine, Gzhel porcelain factory, 1960s

"From Taiga to Construction" teapot, 1933

"Chess" tea set, 1963

"Hot noon"

figurine by Asta Březicka, Dulyovo porcelain factory, 1966

"Lunokhod -1" Soviet Moon rover mug, 1971

Tea set by Leningrad porcelain factory, 1963

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