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15 banned Soviet movies

"Of all the arts the most important for us is cinema" Vladimir Lenin.

In Soviet Russia, some movies were banned by state censorship from being shown. Often, the reasoning behind the ban remained unknown. Sometimes, it was due to senior leadership’s dissatisfaction with the insufficient display of the role of the Communist Party. Signs of bourgeois influence or excessive sensuality in the film could also be a factor. The emigration of a director or featured actor often resulted in the banning and physical destruction of all copies of the film.

"Agony" historical drama film directed by Elem Klimov. Banned for 10 years. Released in 1985.

"The Formula of Rainbow" 1966 fantasy comedy film directed by Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich. Never released.

"A Spring for the Thirsty" 1965 poetic drama film directed by Yuri Ilyenko. Banned for 22 years.

"Entering the Sea" 1965 avant-garde short film directed by Leonid Osyka. Never released.

"The Story of Asya Klyachina, Who Loved But Did Not Marry" 1966 film directed by Andrey Konchalovsky. Banned for 20 years.

"The Lonely Voice of a Man" 1977 drama film directed by Alexander Sokurov. Banned for 10 years.

"Galya" 1940 drama film directed by Nadezhda Kosheverova. Never released.

"Intervention" 1968 adventure film directed by Gennady Poloka. Banned for 19 years.

"Trial on the Road" 1971 war drama film directed by Alexey German. Banned for 15 years.

"The Long Farewell" 1971 drama film directed by Kira Muratova. Banned for 16 years.

"While the Dream is Mad" 1978 musical comedy film directed by Yuri Gorkovenko. Banned for 10 years.

‎"Only Three Nights" 1969 romance/drama film directed by Gavriil Yegiazarov. Banned for 20 years.

"Homeland of Electricity" 1967 short film directed by Larisa Shepitko. Banned for 20 years.

"Commissar" 1967 drama film by directed by Alexander Askoldov. Banned for 21 years.

"Repentance" 1984 art film directed by Tengiz Abuladze. Banned for 3 years.

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