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15 remarkable Soviet home appliances and consumer electronics

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Getting household appliances was not an easy task in the USSR. Soviet people had to save up for a long time and wait in line to buy durable goods. Sometimes they would receive them as a reward for outstanding work or service. Some of the items, often produced at military factories, impressed with their manufacturability and design. Others were criticized for questionable quality and high price.

"Rekord 705" Soviet color TV set. Photo by N.Khrennikov, 1974

"Staume-2" dishwasher,1972

Desk fan, 1957

Kometa-212 stereo, reel-to-reel tape recorder, 1980s

Electric iron, 1981

"Volga" electric gramophone, 1950s

Refrigerators by Saratov refrigerator factory. Photo by S.Raskin, USSR, 1954

VEF 202 portable radio, 1970s

"Chaika 142M" sewing machine, 1991

"Elektronika VideoSport-3" game console, 1988

"Kvant" TV console, produced at the Lvov CRT plant. Photo by B. Krishtul, 1974

"Elektronika" microwave oven, 1984

"Saturnas" vacuum cleaner, 1960s

1981 Soviet ad for "Vyatka avtomat 12" automatic washing machine: "Caring husband is nice but automatic washing machine is even nicer. 495 roubles."

"Vikhr" vacuum cleaner. Photo by Mikhail Trakhman, 1960

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