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Soviet Ice Cream

Ice cream in a waffle cup was a much-loved street snack among Soviet children and adults. Regardless of the season, milk-based delicacy enjoyed consistent popularity throughout the world's largest country. In 1945, a special ice cream laboratory was established in Moscow at the Research Institute of the Refrigeration Industry. The Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR calculated the physiological norm of ice cream consumption. Ice cream parlors were located on the central streets of resort towns and regional capitals. Their assortment was not very diverse, but delicious ice cream at an affordable price always attracted many eager customers.

Post-Soviet visual. Vladimir Mayakovsky ice cream in Moscow, Russia, 2019

Winter sales of ice cream at Kursky railway station in Moscow, USSR, 1981

Advertising poster by USSR Ministry of Trade, 1954

British rock star Elton John attending a soccer match in Moscow, 1979. Photo by AP.

Photo by Thomas Taylor Hammond, Volgograd, 1975

Advertising poster, 1950

Post Soviet visual. Boys enjoying ice cream in winter. Photo by Vladimir Bogdanov, Russia, 1990s

Newlyweds eating ice cream. Photo by Boris Kavashkin, Moscow, 1972

Ice cream stall in Moscow, 1968

"Malysh" ice cream cafe, Tula,1979

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