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Soviet Playthings

Toys reflected the Soviet world in miniature. They captured the mind of kids at a very early age and continue to trigger feelings of nostalgia in many adults after the collapse of the USSR.

Kalashnikov toy assault rifle,1980s

Nevalyashka roly poly doll, 1950s

"Snow White" toy laundry set for girls, 1990

At a toy store, 1966

Space toys, 1960s

Remote control rocket launcher toy, 1970s

Boy with a toy car,1974

Mechanical 'bear with bottle' toy, 1950's

Wind up robot toy, 1980s

"Potato Toys” book cover, 1931

Cipollino doll, 1950s

"Little doctor" toy set, 1970s

"I want to be a cosmonaut," 1968

1960-1980s toys from collection of Sergei Romanov

Toy Store “Detsky Mir”, Dzerzhinsky Square, Moscow, 1983. Photo by Masha Ivashintsova

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